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My way to filmmaking was quite long. I watched a lot of movies in my childhood, which was kind of the Golden Age of broadcast television, I visited my uncle in the theatre who worked there as a technical advisor and I was always fascinated about the creation of the illusion for the audience. Yep, so I decided to spend the rest of my life as an IT guy.....

Took me a while to find out, that this wasn't really the way for me and thanks to some coincidences, some great people, who taught me a lot about filmmaking and are now some of my best friends, I am finally there, where I think I belonged the whole time....

My Behind the Scenes Gallery

Image Credits: Bernhard Schwingsandl, Barbara Maria-Hutter, Manolo Ponte, Patrick Zadrobilek, Tom Rossipaul

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Tom Rossipaul

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