This is part of a scientific film, I did with Benjamin Kromoser and about wooden bridges and platforms. The film is ment for presentations, but I was allowed to show this short film about crafting a wooden peg, like they did in the old days.
One part of the whole film was about crafting wooden structures with a robot, but it was interesting to see, that some parts of the crafting process is easier doing by hand, than with a robot.
Both combined are a powerful combination!
I hope you enjoy it s much as I did recording and creating this piece.

As a cameraman and director, my job was to be as flexibe as possible, because not every scene could be repeated.
I shot this part of the video with the following filmmaking equipment:
Camera: Panasonic EVA-1
Lenses: Sigma 18-35mm 1.8
Lighting: Aputure Lights
And of course a Sachtler Tripod, my beloved CineSaddle and a lot of Grip Tools.