This was the second musicvideo we shot at our trip to Nerja, spain. You can read the first part of the story at the TIMELESS Page.
The concept of this video was a small setting with only the artists, me and my camera with one lens, handheld, sunrise and slow motion instead of real time, like in TIMELESS.
It was a special atmosphere to be there this early at the empty beach, where only a few fishermen went to work.
We shot an exhausting hour at this exceptional location, while the sun was rising over the mountains and the sea.
When we finished, the fishermen came back to the beach. Actually, they didn’t even wonder what we where doing there. They did their job and we did ours. Ok, maybe they had some thoughts like “Crazy tourists….”.
After we finished there, we immediatly started shooting for TIMELESS again, to capture some of the wonderful light at this time of the day.
Afterwards, we went for a nice spanish breakfast…

Used Gear:
Camera: Panasonic EVA-1
Lenses: Nikkor AI 28mm f 2.0
Filter: Glimmerglass 1
Lighting: Natural Light
And my beloved CineSaddle.

DoP/Director/Editor: Tom Rossipaul
Filmed in Nerja at Balcón de Europa
Assistance, catering and love by Valeria and Ale
Special thanks to Manolo Ponte, Markus ‘Syrix’ Lechleitner, Jakob Mayr, Patrick Huter and the whole Dapra family