On this project, I had the pleasure of collaborating once again with the talented director, Andreas Steinkogler. Capturing moments for the Waves Vienna, an already esteemed music festival dedicated to showcasing emerging artists in the vibrant city of Vienna, was a delightful adventure.

Unlike previous editions, this year’s festival took on a refreshing twist by spreading across various smaller locations rather than being confined to a single venue. This innovative approach not only added a distinctive touch but also infused the event with an authentic underground vibe that resonated with the soul of the music.

Navigating through the diverse settings was a challenge from the perspective of a camera operator, yet it brought about a dynamic and unpredictable element to the visual storytelling. The weather was fine, allowing attendees to stroll effortlessly from one unique location to another, creating a seamless fusion of music, atmosphere, and urban exploration.

Although demanding, this unconventional setup provided a rich and unparalleled experience for both the audience and the creative team. The resulting imagery, I believe, successfully captures the essence of the performing bands against the backdrop of this unconventional yet captivating musical journey.

Director, Editor and Camera: Andreas Steinkogler

Additional Camera: Tom Rossipaul