This shoot was a crazy one! My friends of Tarasca asked me, if I could support them with a musicvideo for their debut single and after our first talk about the project it became clear, that we had to shoot it somewhere in the south of europe.
Coincidentally, I had already booked a flight with my family to Malaga, Spain to visit some good friends.
Maxim, one of the artists found a really awesome place in Nerja, where we could shoot and stay and so I combined family holidays and location scouting and came back with a lot of pictures of Nerja and it’s surrounding villages.
We then came up with the final concept and added a second musicvideo to our list to shoot there, so that we don’t get bored…
Two weeks later we entered the plane with a lot of equipment, arrived in Sevilla, had a 3 hours car ride to Nerja, arrived at midnight and started with the shooting early in the morning at our location!
Yep – classic musicvideo schedule….
Thanks to my friends from spain Ale and Valeria, who supported us a lot there, we were able to shoot two musicvideos in two days!
Manolo Ponte a friend of the band and a great artist with the stills camera took some great pictures and thankfully supported us with the video shoot too.
Back at home, I handed the footage over to my friend Benno Hanke, who did a great job editing TIMELESS!
Thanks man, I owe you a lot!!!
It was a crazy project and a lot of fun and I think the videos speak for themselve.

Used Gear:
Camera: Panasonic EVA-1
Lenses: Nikkor AI and AIs vintage lenses
Filter: Glimmerglass 1
Lighting: Natural Light
And of course a Sachtler Tripod and my beloved CineSaddle.

➤ Video Credits
director, photography & color: Tom Rossipaul
editing: Benno Hanke
Filmed in Nerja, Andalucia
Assistance, catering and love by Valeria and Ale
Special thanks to Bea & Lara, Manolo Ponte, Markus ‘Syrix’ Lechleitner, Sophia Dapra, Isabel Metschina-Streisand, Jakob Mayr and Patrick Huter

love is timeless. and so are we.