Imagine a film where you only see the eyes of two characters.. looking back at you from the big screen.. lean back as the story unfolds and experience something, you´ve never seen before..

“A young actress dreams of getting the chance to prove herself on the big screen. Hit by rejection after rejection she finally gives up, only to put her fate into her own hands, when the director of her latest casting gets in her Taxi ..”

“film d´auteur” thematizes the struggle of young actresses in a male dominated film business and sees the chance of change in cinema itself. Different narrative layers invite the viewer into a world of hopes and dreams as you only see the eyes of the two characters for almost the entire runtime..

Lead actress: Victoria Sedlacek
Lead actor: Andrew Collett
Supporting actor: Simon Kriese

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor: Tobias Vees
Assistant Director: Stefan Zeiler
First Assistant Producer: Lucas Kiers
Second Assitant Producer: Larissa Kiers

Director of Cinematography: Tom Rossipaul
First Camera Assistant: Daniel Dajakaj

Music Composer: Tobias Alexander Ratka

Sound Design & Mixing: Philipp Hovorka, Michael Nassif

Make-Up: Katharina Schwarz, Victoria Sedlacek